Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In Style Magazine Outfit Dupe "Taylor Swift" 100% Thrifted

This outfit caught my eye. I don't care too much for Taylor Swift's music as I HATE country music, it depresses the hell out of me. I do however love the outfit and thought what the hell...why not!? So here is her cost =TOO DAMN MUCH!

March 2012 Issue in which the outfit was featured on page 177

Ralph Lauren Black Label Cashmere Sweater, Olivaceous skirt, ruby Marc by Marc Jacobs pumps, "jaunty blue" Fendi bag

So, here is my 100% thrifted version...

Total Cost=$7.00 :-) Take that and stick it in your guitar Taylor! lol


  1. Hey bitch...oxoxo in a loving way :] This is cute as what !!! and I hate country music too. told ya I was gonna stalk lol lol I just joined your blog spot, here and if you want to hit me up on FB I am Peggy Holcomb I looked for ya on there but could not find ya So hit me up on there I will accept your friend request.Ok Loves ya women and that outfit Is slicker then shit I love it!!!

  2. What a cute outfit! I can't believe you found the same "On The Town" bag, Isn't it great?! If you are even up in the NYC area and need to know all the best places to thrift, let me know.
    Happy Summer!