Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I love to use shit in weird ways...

I have this sickness. It is called, multipurpose OCD. When I look at an item in the thrift store I don't see it as what it was intended for.  I see it as an opportunity to challenge myself as to  what  I can "do" with it. I get it honestly. My uncle suffers from MOCD and he is what I call a "stage 4 high class professional rigger". He can take trash and turn it into something amazing and the next thing you know that lamp your using to read a book was made out of old rusted water pipes, fishing line string and a lamp shade covered in vintage post cards. No kidding. He is that good. If you watch my videos on YT and you have seen the ones with my mother in it, then picture a male version of her who is just as likeable and intelligent. There needs to be more people like them in this world. As for me, well, ya know,  I am a "stage 1 low budget bitch" and I don't have the time to make things work in a professional and almost flawless way. I could go on and on about my uncles talent, but the one thing he has taught me is to think outside the way the hell outside the a damn mile away from the general vicinity of the box (you get my point).

I am like a drug addict....I need instant pleasure from an item. I need it to work and I need it to work right the hell now. Not that I don't mind working on something. I have several projects in our home that have taken me months if not years to finally finish. That comes with the territory when you thrift an entire project and it takes time to find those "perfect" items. So as not to make this as long as one of my damn videos on YT...I am going to post a few pictures of things that I have in my home that I thrifted and used for OTHER purposes. Enjoy my sickness...

gee, how much did I My end table/ladder/magazine rack

Roll Away Bed as back porch patio seating with two twin headboards as a "back". Baskets are beneath to store all our shit.

looks like a door stop..but it actually was supposed to be....

Suit Case End Table
Flexible Mirror used for.....
a hat holder!
Y'all know I love to hang shit....and put shit in the shit that I hung...
Old T V used for....
a wine rack/stereo
My evil duck head used for hanging necklaces!
Random things to hang jewelry on!
Chips and Salsa dish for holding my rings!
Food basket to store socks...
This is the very bassinet that yours truly slept in 35 years ago when I was just a baby...AWWWE!! :-) I just painted it, and hot glued a picture frame to it sideways and typed TOWELS and SOAP from the computer to make a neat place to put (shocker) TOWELS AND SOAP IN! lmao


  1. You are so crazy! (shocker)lmao! Are you sure you're not part coonass? lol

    1. I laughed my f'n ass off at this comment! Ya know...I have often said I should have been black and male. I can rig pretty much anything, and I have very little estrogen left after having kids that is for damn sure! Thank you for cracking my ass it!

    2. lol Well it's the least I could do this once, as many times as you've cracked me up on yt! haha

  2. I mean that in a good way btw, I love reusing things! Heck yeah!

  3. Jeni -- I love these ideas! You are one creative powerhouse!