Thursday, May 31, 2012

Geometric Jeni 100% Thrifted OOTD

When I am feeling blue, I choose green. I have been wanting to wear this dress for so long....

Back view

Yard sale ring & vintage bracelet found in the newest little place I have found. I  would have never thought to find something like it me. lol
My thrifted Nine West shoes
Vintage Cream and Gold Large Clutch handbag

Liquid Sanity....and today called for my big coffee cup...

Me doing what I call the "I have to pee" pose...lmao
Hello :-)

Straight Chilling

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In Style Magazine Outfit Dupe "Taylor Swift" 100% Thrifted

This outfit caught my eye. I don't care too much for Taylor Swift's music as I HATE country music, it depresses the hell out of me. I do however love the outfit and thought what the hell...why not!? So here is her cost =TOO DAMN MUCH!

March 2012 Issue in which the outfit was featured on page 177

Ralph Lauren Black Label Cashmere Sweater, Olivaceous skirt, ruby Marc by Marc Jacobs pumps, "jaunty blue" Fendi bag

So, here is my 100% thrifted version...

Total Cost=$7.00 :-) Take that and stick it in your guitar Taylor! lol

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OOTD~*Pre-K Pretty*

Katie's last day of pre-k was today :-( BUT, no more riding the bus! so :-))))))))) Anywho, her school was having a party for her class so I decided to wear something girly for a change... OH and I guess I should say the stats right? lol

* My mood~Sad to see the end of the school year. Not to mention the end of quiet time for ME! HOWEVER, very proud of ALL of my kids...I love them so much.
*The Weather~78 Degrees, Sunny :-)
*Percentage Thrifted~95%
* What I had to do~ Party with 18 other 5yr

Scarf tied into a bow for my belt

The large tourquoise ring came from Australia when I won a contest, The spartan ring came from the lovely Leanne (lovelushlove) Hey girl! AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST the spoon cuff bracelet was my Grandmothers and I gave it to Leanne to make into a cuff for me....I can't even find the words to describe how much I love it.....THANKS LEANNE!

Chilling on the front porch....ready for summer!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random Things Make Me Happy

So this is what I did with the Owl thing that I thrifted recently. I still have no clue what the hell it actually is, but since I love INSTANT usage out of random items, I figured this would be cute to try!

Just the back view and our netflix movie in the background...we love us some netflix! I think it's Bridesmaids?

Why the hell not show a RANDOM outfit of the reason, just for the hell of it. 100% Thrifted of course...

My nasty feet and my freckled legs who won't see the sun's rays for the rest of my

Ok, so this random item(s) is another one of my "sicknesses". I love to frame, well framed art! I got the rooster pic for $1 and the already painted tourquoise frame was only $3! (notice I have not even cleaned it yet..I was too anxious) I also love to frame random items such as my next pic....


I found this random item at an antique shop. It is an ash tray (vintage) with a little wooden owl on it that swivels :-) I have a thing for owls and birds and all critters....

BY FAR my favorite thing I have thrifted recently! I randomly went to a thrift store that I had not been to in well over a month or so which is like a friggin YEAR for me. All of a sudden, BAM! I saw this and exclaimed "SHUT UP!"

Me showing the lace detail on the collar of the "jacket" it came with, oh and also that is my way of remembering things. I have to remember something at 9:30AM tomorrow so I wrote it on my wonder I forget shit...I wash my damn hands!

Random thing that Jason brought home from a sale at an antique shop...we love our cocks! lol

I bought this for Jason for a VERY GOOD PRICE and found out it was worth a LOT more....

Random Home Decor I thrifted that is a little wine bottle you hang on the wall...

Our RANDOM cat we call OREO. The chipmunks keep her ass

Thursday, May 10, 2012

OOTD~"Balanced Hormones=Cute Outfit"

My Mood~ Feeling very balanced, friendly, happy, productive! Wanting the only thing red on my body to be my skirt and
The Weather~ Absoulutely BEAUTIFUL! Tad bit cool ;-)
What I had to do today~ Work at the store, kinda sad because this is my last Thru & Fri until the fall :-(
Percentage Thrifted~99% even the damn lipstick was! Cas I am nasty like that!, 1% Consignment (the gold spikey ring)

I friggin love this thing...seriously in love with it!