Friday, March 23, 2012

100% Thrifted/OOTD~ Bohemian ~March 23,2012

My mood-happy, really excited to work at the thrift store and get some more summer clothing put out!
The weather-Wet, high in the 70's
Percentage Thrifted-100%


Just the weather, wet.

 I bought some new mascara, it is Mabelline XXL PRO Volume and so far I LOVE IT!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bitch Of The Month (March)/ Oscar De La Renta Resort 2012 INSPIRED

Here is the INSPIRATION for my looks! This dress is from the Oscar De La Renta Resort 2012 Runway and retails for $1890 online!!

This 2 PC Dress was only $4 at the thrift store and I loved the print of it even before I saw the Oscar one.

The Blazer was around $2 and the shoes were $12 at a local store called Maxway. I got them last year at the end of the summer :-)

Just a pointless shot of my black ensemble...

Another thrifted dress for $4.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Redneck Pallette

Just pictures of the "Redneck Pallette" that I did over the last few days. I thrifted a metal magnetic memo board for $1. Then went to The Dollar Tree and got some cheap magnets and hot glued them sonbitches to the eyeshadow's  and whala!! Of course, those of you that watch my youtube know that it still needs some work. The magnets (on some of them) are not quite strong enough, so once I update them with stronger ones I will let ya know how it goes and where I got them at! This is a great way to organize your makeup. Blushes, eyeshadows, bronzers..anything!

Pics of my hair( you have prob already seen em but what the hell)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Rat Piss Jacket Juice

I give you the most disgusting thing I have ever smelled...keep in mind, THIS IS THE 1ST container. Which means it took 3 of these to soak in until I could see results. I think I would have been able to get it 100% after 4.....ok...maybe 5 more soakings...lmao

Third time soaking....

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

OOTD~ Freebird

So, today's OOTD was casual and fun. I LOVE bright colors and I love mixing them with other rich or bright colors and then throwing on some jeans, some vintage jewelry, a little sparkle and funk it up! This outfit makes me think of folk art, meets urban chick, meets

Weather~55-60 degrees SUNNY AS HELL and very pretty
My Mood~ Very happy, cheerful, excited for the day ahead
What I had to do today~ Spray Paint the shit out of a lot of items for our guest room upstairs! ( will reveal that later this week)
Percentage Thrifted~ 100% BABY