Friday, March 23, 2012

100% Thrifted/OOTD~ Bohemian ~March 23,2012

My mood-happy, really excited to work at the thrift store and get some more summer clothing put out!
The weather-Wet, high in the 70's
Percentage Thrifted-100%


Just the weather, wet.

 I bought some new mascara, it is Mabelline XXL PRO Volume and so far I LOVE IT!

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  1. i totally love this outfit girl , my kinda of style , i so want that shirt on ya , i can reamember where i was the momnent i found out that john died ,was laying in my water bed on a sunday morning the clock radio went off and was tuned to my fav station wmms 101 fm and they started to play stairway and said for the late john baunum and i freaked i had tickets for the show two weeks later at the colesium in richfieield ohio , it totally sucked.. was so looking forward to seing them as had saw them a year before and zepplin was one of my things of many back in the day , plus i am wierd i like other peoples cloths girl i for some reason used to have a nice t shirt collection but lost all of them when my house burned down a few years back .. have a pink rainbow day
    georgia love that bull dogg too lol i got a live one .. bulldog that is named Lucille ..