Sunday, March 4, 2012

Recent OOTD~Stormy Weather

Weather~ Rainy, cloudy and slightly cool yet not COLD. Around 60 degrees...stormy 
What I had to do that day~ Work at the Thrift Store :-)
My Mood~ Happy and feeling a little "I need to organize the store"
Percentage thrifted~ 100% Head to toe!

                                                   These kitten heels are SO comfy! BTW I still have not gotten around to getting the black scuff marks off...going to try my magic eraser....wish me luck!  

 I had sat down on the concrete to take a picture and got white dust on my butt...this is how I decided to showcase a spider climbing the wall.
 Jason HATES, I mean HATES this I wore it any damn way. LMAO
Me running to go to work at the thrift store!


  1. Replies
    1. Sorry, I replied to you a sec ago and thought you were talking about the other I suck at this blogging thing...bad! Thank you and yes I love that one too, it has little specs (glasses) and lockets and other vintage items all over it!

  2. HAHA! My husband would have burned that necklace!! One of the biggest Auburn fans. We both are but I would have totally rocked that. WAR DAM EAGLE!

    1. WAR DAMN EAGLE GIRL! I never thought of it as BAMA necklace, but your right! My grandfather was a bama fan, yet my mother and father went to Auburn so we are all mixed up. Couple that with living in Georgia you have yourself a hot ass mess come game time :-)