Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Poster Girl~Recent Thrift Find

Music is what makes me feel good when people fail to do so. Lets face it, sitting listening to your favorite music ALONE without interruptions or someone who thinks they know the lyrics, yet still can't sing more than three words without humming the rest, can be very uplifitng. Relaxing. So anytime I see anything to do with music in a thrift store I perk up a little. I guess it all goes back to being a child growing up in a radio station. Who knows...but I just love anthing to do with bands, instruments etc. I found these posters in the thrift store today and snatched them up! I figure if we ever get the "Man Cave" done before I am too old to live in a home without 24hr care then we can hang them up! If Jason doesn't want them, then I will sell em!

1 comment:

  1. Wow what an amazing score!!! I'd love to hang those in our man cave! lol Technically its our arts room since we have no kids the whole house is still my husbands man cave. Women can't win either way. lmao!